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Sentara Participant Investment Care Plan

Get Personalized Help From A Knowledgeable Local Advisor

Get Personalized Help From A Knowledgeable Local Advisor

Cllent centered retirement and investment advice. We'll always put your needs first.

Professional Advice For Plan Participants

Unlock The Potential Of Your Employer's 403b Retirement Plan

Retirement plan participants who receive continuous advice and support may earn an average of 3% more per year than those who do not¹ - even after adjusting for fees that they paid for that advice².

Through your Fidelity® 403b plan's BrokerageLink® option, you can now take advantage of personalized investment advice and support that may help investors protect and grow their savings, and maximize the benefits of their retirement plans.

How It Works

Your Sentara retirement plan offers an opportunity to open a brokerage account within your Fidelity® 403b. BrokerageLink® offers access to thousands of investments and a Participant Investment Care Plan that combines continuous professional investment management with face-to-face support from an experienced local financial adviser.

 Advantages of A 403b Participant Care Plan

  • Access to thousands of additional mutual funds, allowing greater flexibility & customization
  • Opportunity to control the amount of risk you are exposed to
  • Allows personalized investment strategies
  • Performance reports you can understand
  • Continuous portfolio management bound by a fiduciary standard of care
  • Face-to-face retirement planning advice and support from an experienced local financial advisor
  • Integration and coordination with your outside assets

Compare Your Options

Call or email me today to discuss your BrokerageLink® opportunity and determine if a 403b Participant Care Plan might improve your probability of retirement success.


Sources: ¹Vanguard's study based on their Alpha framework.  Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor's Alpha, Vanguard Research, 2014. 

²The study of 14 large retirement plans with more than 723,000 individual participants and over 55 billion in assets, by Aon Hewitt, a consulting firm, and Financial Engines, an investment advisory firm, between 2006-2012. 

403b Participant Care plans contain fees and expenses that are higher than for those that don't provide advice