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What's In A Name?

We are often asked about the significance of our name, "Great CircleWealth Strategies".

The company name describes both the purpose of our business, and the process that we use when working with clients. Each part of the name “Great Circle Wealth Strategies” was selected with this in mind.

Great Circle:  describes a concept that became meaningful to GCWS founder, Raleigh Martin, during his career as a U.S. Navy officer. There are many similarities in the thought processes used by a navigator planning ocean voyages, and an advisor helping clients chart their financial futures. For example, common sense tells us that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but in navigation this thinking does not hold true. Since the earth is shaped like a sphere, the shortest distance for a ship to travel between two points is, in fact, not a straight-line course (a “rhumb line”) but a curved “great circle route”. Steering this great circle route during a long voyage requires regular, planned changes to the ship’s heading in order to follow the curved course. Changes in heading are also required to correct for the ongoing effects of wind, waves, current, and errors in steering. Likewise, in financial planning what may seem like the most obvious course of action may not be the most effective, since multiple variables must be considered such as financial risks, time horizon, taxation, and individual preferences, and behavior. In order to keep a financial plan “on course” it must be regularly reviewed so that adjustments can be made to account for changes in circumstances or objectives.

Wealth: We believe that wealth encompasses far more than money. To be truly wealthy is to have the opportunity and the capability to live a life of abundance and significance based on your own vision and values. It is deeply gratifying for us to help our clients envision the life they hope to live, then develop and implement a financial plan that will help them work towards making that life a reality.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” - Henry David Thoreau

Strategies: Great Circle Wealth Strategies does not focus narrowly on concepts like “wealth management”, or solely on investments or product-based solutions. Instead, we take a more holistic planning approach that integrates strategies for investments, insurance, employee benefits, Social Security, taxation, and estate distribution. We also carefully consider the impact of a client's knowledge, experience, preferences, and temperament on financial decisions. Our belief is that the best financial plan is one that most efficiently accomplishes the unique objectives of each individual client, family or business, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.